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Aquatic Consulting, Education and Inspections

Company Message

Please join us at our next instructional event!

American Red Cross-Lifeguard-course

Choose from several options

OPTION #1. Regular LG Course May 03-May 05, 2019 Friday-Sunday

Time: 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM-28 hrs, 35 min


OPTION #2. Renewal LG Course May 04, 2019 Friday-Sunday

Time: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM -9 hrs, 40 min


American Red Cross-First-Aid, CPR, AED course

Location: Roma-High School Pool

2021 North U.S. Highway 83

Event description: ARC-Standard LG course w CPR /FA /AED

(28-hr) 3-day class

1. Purchase ARC registration course using the

Natman Aquatic Services LLC® website. (click to Certification Products)

2. Contact me any questions on registering for this class for classroom directions.

956-545-4552 / 877-268-6510 ex1

Cost: $160.00

LG-Renewal Cost: $80.00

CPR-FA-AED Cost: 75.00

Natman Aquatic Services LLC® is a Registered /Approved

American Red Cross Provider