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Aquatic Consulting, Education and Inspections

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Pool and or Spa Inspections

Natman Aquatic Services LLC® provides inspections that are performed by a NSPF Certified Pool Operator, instructor and inspector. We have extensive experience in the pool and spa industry and are up-to-date with the current codes and regulations.We offer an array of services to residential customers including: Pool or spa training, pre-sale and residential inspections.All inspections come with detailed written reports including photos and safety recommendations for areas of concern. We offer free phone consulting to all of our client's.

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Residential Pre-Sale Inspections

​When purchasing a home, you should consider the importance of performing a pool inspection prior to the finalization of the contract. A pool inspection can act as leverage in negotiating the sales price, at times, resulting in considerable savings for the potential homeowner. Purchasing a home with a problematic pool could lead to soaring future expenses, many of which could have easily been detected by our experienced pool inspectors.

Residential Pool Inspections

An inadequately maintained pool can present you with three major issues: (1) expensive repairs, (2) property damage, and (3) safety dangers to you, your family, and guests. All Natman Aquatic Services LLC™ Inspections are taken very seriously and offer many suggestions on how to make your pool a safe and enjoyably swimming experience for you and your guest.

Commercial Pool Inspections

Our detailed inspections ensure our clients adhere to state and local health and bathing codes including (VGB) pool and spa Act and the new (ADA) regulations. Violations of codes can result in fines, litigation, revenue loss and the inability to utilize the pool, which means unhappy customers and loss of money.

Detailed Reports Our reports are extensive and also focus on the surroundings of the pool itself as well as the equipment and are not just a simple checklist we even include photos at no extra cost. In addition, we can provide industry pricing and estimates which include the cost of repair and/or replacement of any issue.

Pool Orientation and Training

Regardless if you are a new or seasoned pool owner, we can provide orientation and training, which make homeowners familiar with the equipment. Our goal is to help minimize cost, protect your investment and help with the requirements for properly maintaining your pool in the safest most cost efficient way.


Since many builders are unfamiliar with the complexity of an operating pool, it is in your best interest to hire a professional pool consultant when designing or renovating a pool. Our consulting services provide, among other things, advice on what equipment, material, and products to use. As a result, we save our clients time and money!